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Hook just assaulted someone, threatened to kill, was complicit in murder, threatened a woman he already shot/assaulted/tried to kill and lied to Emma….again….



But PLEASE do tell me how adorable that cheesy date was. Please, even AFTER finding out that his hand WAS NOT CURSED AT ALL.

So many people are saying how adorable it was…. and I’m like did you not see him try to take someone out just because of an accident?

I found it quite distrubing….

Wait, what? People are actually saying it’s adorable?


God, I am just done with CSers.

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The Names in BH6




Who in their right mind would name their child Wasabi or Gogo?

Disney changes the races but not the weird somewhat racist names? How does that make sense?

For real, no one in their right mind would name their child Wasabi or Gogo.


you just want to find something to complain about, do you

Oh my god, I was asking a fucking question! Jesus, take the stick outta ya butt!

I thought these were the real names! I just found out today that they are nicknames! Just stop! Go outside or something!

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People tell me I should look up to Elsa because I have anxiety and autism and she has "anxiety" but I don't like her at all. I like Olaf more because at least he makes me happy without trying so hard to be powerful.


Well, I can tell you right now that those people are just wrong. You are not obligated to relate to Elsa just because she happens to share a condition with you. And Disney did a really shitty job dealing with the anxiety/depression problem anyway. Ask mockeryd, daynapapaya, frozensuckstho (she has a whole tag dedicated to this mess)… there are probably more, I’ll add once I find them. I have a few posts if you want to go through my archive, but I don’t really talk about it much myself because I don’t have these conditions and so I’m not really in the best position to talk about it.

Anyway, call these people out on their bullshit. Tell them exactly why you do not and cannot relate to her. Use your personal experiences or use the arguments here on Tumblr, or use both. They have no right to be telling you what you should relate to. If you like Olaf, you stick with Olaf. Tbh when I first saw Frozen I liked Olaf too; my opinion of him has kind of deteriorated since finding the antifandom, but I don’t find him the most irritating character in the movie (that would be Anna). If Olaf makes you happy, great, there’s really no reason he shouldn’t.

Conclusion: Call those people out and tell them exactly why you don’t relate to Elsa. Tell why you like Olaf instead, and if they still bother you about it, then, well, maybe you should just distance yourself from them for a while, because they evidently have no regard for your opinions and choices.

Sweetie, those people who are telling you that you have to relate to Elsa don’t know anything. It’s fine if you don’t relate to her. I have anxiety and I am slightly autistic. Do I relate to Elsa? Not at all.

I relate to Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph instead. Not only is she funny and sweet but she also embraces her glitch at the end. I had to learn how to do that with my aspgerer’s. With Elsa, I didn’t see anything about mental illness or disability coming from her. Again, I’m fine if people relate to her but there is no way I am forcing myself to like a character just because people think I should.

Another thing is that the director came out after the movie and then told us that Elsa is depressed. I really don’t think that makes it canon. Just because they said she’s suppose to represent something doesn’t mean we have to accept it or relate to her.

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I Don’t Why My Boyfriend Stays with Me

He must be out of his mind to stay with someone like me.

Lord help him.

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